Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Scale Shock

Like I have mentioned, I'm trying to get in shape, lose weight, be healthy, single-handedly stop the obesity epidemic. So imagine my surprise this morning when the scales told me that I gained oh...close to 8 lbs. over the holiday weekend, during which I was fairly active, although my appetite increased accordingly.

Not cool.

I'm having a regularly scheduled doctor's appointment tomorrow and I so didn't want to have gained weight for the official weigh in. I wanted to have loss some, of course, but would have been okay with maintaining.

With only 30 hours between the ugly info from the scale and the appointment, I decided to employ some drastic measures to fudge the numbers in my favor.

Note: please not to be imitating any of these as it could lead you to an eating disorder.

So far I have tried not eating, taking water pills, drinking tea, and moving around more to burn calories. Next up tonight, garbage bag + treadmill. Tomorrow, I intend to fast until after the appointment. Since I'm having at least four tubes of blood drawn, I still need to drink.

Results will be forthcoming. I'm just hoping to drop 3.6 lbs. Just so I don't disappoint my doctor.

And, yes, this whole process does make me feel shallow. I'll deal with that later.

Addendum: I lost 3.4 lbs without using garbage bags. The doc was not displeased. ;)

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