Monday, September 2, 2013


Happy Labor Day! My partner and I both had the day off from our respective jobs. We did not use much of the time wisely, unfortunately, but I managed another walk - about three miles on the trail system. Good times.
This appears to be a crane of some sort.

I also had to pick up a handbag because the handle of mine broke...and one of the zippers is pulling free from the rest of the bag. The stores were absolutely mobbed this afternoon, making the shopping experience even more unpleasant than usual. People are not nice, especially in large numbers. I ended up with a brown shoulder bag that I hope will accommodate all the crap I carry around.

I started this blog basically to vent and rail about politics. I'm not doing nearly as much of that as planned. Partly, I think, because nothing in the news is really piquing my interest. Syria - either we will or won't, but since it's the ME, nothing we do will matter. And hasn't that dominated the weekend?

Please start the next news cycle, thanks.

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