Sunday, September 1, 2013

Line Creek Nature Area

Yes, we all made to the park yesterday for our inaugural visit, and we had a fantastic time. The trails were a lot more primitive than I imagined. An inebriated person would be killed by the exposed rocks and tree roots within minutes. Even for the unencumbered, it's slow going and treacherous in the extreme. The dog did not seem to mind.

She's actually watching two dogs down river,
biding her time before going to chase them.
Gracie had never been in the water before. At just over eighteen months old, we weren't sure exactly how she would take to it, despite German Shepherds being pretty decent water dogs overall. Other than trying to drink the entire river, she did terrific. We even found her a spot deep enough for her to dog paddle a few strokes. She looked very graceful swimming, although perhaps a bit alarmed.

We were able to let her off leash for a little while - we were almost two miles from the nearest road - and she never tried to run off or do anything crazy. I was so proud! She has a history of running.

I think this was a really good outing for her. I'm hoping we can do it a few more times before the end of summer. She needs to swim more.

This is the gazebo and pond near the entrance.
Talking my partner into more visits won't be easy. He likes the couch, and he favors going to the dog park to get Gracie more exercise and social time. I prefer giving her as varied experiences as possible and enjoy walking.

I think the total mileage, walking anyway, came to about 2.25 miles, or almost nothing to me. :)

I'm going to try to get some good swimming pics next time.

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