Saturday, September 28, 2013

Happy Saturday

Today, we took the dog to Lake Horton for a nice long walk and a little unauthorized swimming. She enjoyed both, but neither so much as her collar-slipping, fence-dive to take a closer look at two very large horses. Scary for me and the partner, terribly exciting for the dog.

She got underneath the fence without us noticing and in the struggle to get her back she managed to slip out of a KONG Adjustable Dog Harness that I've always considered pretty secure. Then she looked us on the wrong side of the fence, laughed doggily, and made a swift beeline for the horses. I was torn between worrying she'd be stamped and worrying she'd come back with a mouthful of horse meat. She is a German Shepherd, from working lines, after all.

Thankfully, neither of those things happened. Instead, she stared at the bigger horse for a minute, sniffed from a respectful distance, and raced back to us. She returned beneath the fence of her own accord. Whew...

That was the adventure for today. The weather was perfect.

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