Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cool weather means walking

This is the eastern shore of the lake, along with its decorative pump house,
looking very much like autumn is in the air already.
I walked just under four miles this afternoon in splendid conditions, considering how hot it's been lately. Tons of people were out and about, so I mostly stayed off the lakeshore paths and walked between and among the neighborhoods. I'm not much for crowds, yo. I managed to catch a yard sale that way too - big bonus. Well...they had almost nothing left, but it was nice anyway because I haven't been to one in a few years. It was good to have the experience again.

I also found this little stone bridge tucked away pretty ridiculously close to one of the big box stores. I have no idea how I missed it all the times I've walked through the area. I almost got nailed by a cyclist taking the picture.

Thanks for not nailing me, cyclist.

The stonework isn't the fake-y kind. This thing looks almost like it was yanked from the English countryside, leaving some poor troll homeless and confused.

Later in the day, I played golf on grass with clubs for the first time. I like watching it on TV with my partner; however, it is much harder than it looks by FAR. I beat the two people I played with, but they hadn't played before either, so I'm calling it dumb luck.

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