Saturday, September 21, 2013

Zombie run!

Next month, a local school is sponsoring a zombie-vs-people fun-run event where participants can sign up to be one or the other. How far they're going with the theme, I cannot say...yet.

The run is 3K (1.86 miles) in duration. Or rather, farther than I have run at once in my adult life. Walking, I can do between a fourteen and fifteen minute mile. I can knock out six miles pretty handily. I'm not much on running, though. I'm out of shape. It makes my chest hurt.

But I really want to do this. I could always be a zombie - no pressure, right? - but I would much rather be a live runner.

I have exactly thirty-four days to prepare. Could I train myself to go from here to there in that time? I can run about an eighth of a mile without stopping to walk. Jogging is...harder. Like a lot things in life for me, this seems to be an all or nothing deal.

Even if I do badly, I would still get a T-shirt...which I almost certainly would photograph and post here to share.

I'm even off work that day. No schedule to wrangle.

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