Sunday, August 30, 2015

K Cup Sampler Reviews VIII

The bottom of the box is in sight!

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EKOCUPS Organic Artisan Coffee, Light

Zero aroma, not much flavor, but the texture is pleasingly smooth. I don't know what to do with it. I mean, I can't call it bad coffee. It isn't. I can't call it good coffee. It isn't! I guess for people who want to like coffee, but don't, this might be a good introduction to help them acquire the taste for it? Otherwise, pass.

2.5 stars

Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend

I was in a huge hurry and kind of groggy when I drank this. I also had it from a cheap thermos in the car/at work. So I tasted it in the sense that I found it coffee and unoffensive. Sorry, review fans, I have failed you. When you change your phone alarm, always remember to hit save. I can attest to the fact that the caffeine content for this one is far from spectacular.

3 stars *

Barrie House Columbia Reserve

This is not the brew that is true. I enjoyed their other varieties much more. This one wasn't good flavor for me, even though I had an okay experience with one of their even darker roasts - they rate this one at level 7. It was just middling in all aspects from taste to texture to aroma. I was actually kind of disappointed because I had saved this one to get me through cups that I expected to be less than laudable. For shame.

2 stars

Rio Grande Roasters Premium Dark

Okay, you caught me. I varied my prep method on this one because I was literally afraid of how bad it might be. I added an additional splenda and a hint more 'creamer' before letting it sit on the counter for an hour and reheating it in the microwave. And by god! It was worth it! It stank. REALLY. But after the extra work, it still stank, but it actually tasted rich, warm, dark, and earth, not like gas station coffee at all. So relieved! I would recommend this as an excellent accompaniment to over-spiced, homemade Mexican food. Good to the last drop!

3.5 stars

Victor Allen Coffee, French Vanilla

As someone who prefers flavored coffee, medium roast, in a big way, I decided to end with something I hoped to enjoy, even if from a mediocre brand. Not disappointed. This coffee has a sweet, recognizable flavor without any harsh or chemical notes. The texture is pleasantly smooth and enjoyable. This is the kind of coffee I like to start or finish the day, although I do wish it had a little more kick. It is certainly one of the better, although not the best, French Vanilla from the box.

4 stars

And that concludes my review of the sampler. I will try and motivate myself to create an organizational post later on. So look for that!

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