Wednesday, August 26, 2015

K Cup Sampler Reviews V

I drank one of my regular work coffees this afternoon. I liked it before, but now I would only give it maybe a three out of five. Am I becoming a coffee snob? Maybe...

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Next contender please!

Brown Gold, 100% Costa Rican Coffee

The packaging is pretty horrible, so I expected shitty coffee. Fortunately, like books shouldn't be judged by their covers, coffee should not be judged by its pod. This one was actually pretty good if drank as just regular morning Joe. Or maybe even afternoon Joe. Nice texture, slightly bitter, yet good taste. They call it a light roast, but honestly, I'm thinking to me, it's actually closer to a happy medium. Decent aroma. I was a little out of it this morning, so I might need to give it a second go, if I ever get the chance, but overall, I was unexpectedly pleased with this one.

4 stars

Cake Boss Dulce de Leche

I wanted to save this one for the end of one of my longer-than-average days to have as what I hoped would be a special treat. I don't want to say that it wasn't, because it was a very nice cup of flavored coffee. It just wasn't that special in terms of complexity of flavor, sweetness, aroma, or texture. It was just okay, but basically, it was so okay all around that I'm reluctant to complain except to say not-special. Underwhelmed here, all right? I would drink it again, but with less anticipation, like a regular cup of coffee, not a treat. For most people, it's probably an okay dessert coffee or sweet-start weekend coffee.

3.5 stars

Crazy Cups Sumatra Tiger Bold Dark Roast Coffee

With all the flavors that Crazy Cups makes, pretty much stretching the imagination, why did I have to luck out and get this stuff? It smells like gas station coffee and tastes like almost nothing. On the one hand, glad it's not offensive. On the other, bold? Really? Where? The texture is okay. If it's really made for Indonesian coffee, that would be interesting at least, but I can't say either way on that, obviously. Overall, I think it's a good guy-coffee. No frills. Good caffeine level. I drank the whole cup, but would opt out of doing so again.

2 stars

Victor Allen Kona

Kona makes me think of the David Mitchell book Cloud Atlas. Anyway, yeah...if Amazon doesn't. Although, I have to say, this one isn't bad. Definitely a medium roast with a hint of unusual flavor, but nothing overwhelming. Just pleasant. Not very aromatic, although it kind of makes me think of cigars in a way. Good texture, although slightly speckled. I would call it an okay choice for an office coffee or lunchtime cup. I wouldn't necessarily buy it or order it on purpose, but I wouldn't avoid it either.

3 stars

Rio Grande Mesa Sunrise

A coffee that's just like my ex-boyfriend - thin and slightly bitter. I wasn't expecting much from the brand because of how the last one tasted, but this one is just mediocre, not outright bad or anything. I think the name (Mesa Sunrise) refers to having to seriously water down the coffee on the trail in the Old West to make it last longer. Either that or the makers intended for it to be a breakfast coffee. It would work for that in a household of low expectations. Overall, yeah, maybe not terrible, but it doesn't have a single laudable feature either. I did finish it.

2 stars

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