Monday, August 24, 2015

K Cup Sampler Reviews IV

What should I do when I reach the bottom of the box and find that I only have dark and/or unflavored coffees left? Do I persevere?? How? Let me know!

Now for our next contestant...

Green Mountain Coffee Mocha Nut Fudge

I haven't had good experiences with Green Mountain so far, but doesn't this one sound just delicious? Well...the flavor isn't as strong as the name lets on. It's actually middling in terms of richness, creaminess, and chocolate flavor. I get the mocha part, though, but barely. And nut? Really? Nice way to stand out from the usual-suspect flavors, but it means nothing here. That said, okay, the coffee is quite drinkable. I might or might not go back for another cup. I would say this one makes an ole standby first morning cup, but not really strong enough for anything else, or sweet enough for dessert. Part of me wishes I had some sort of syrup to put in it to see if maybe it just needs help.

2.5 stars

Eko Cups Organic Artisan Coffee, Guatemalan

Again, I like the company's dedication to fair trade and organic coffees, but that doesn't make a so-so cuppa taste any better. This one is quite so-so, in fact, even for a plain coffee. The flavor is just enough different that I can concede that the beans were grown somewhere interesting, in this case Guatemala, like it says, but I have never been enough of a coffee gourmand to recognize regional flavors on my own. Anyway, not too dark for me, decent texture, some aroma. This coffee is the definition of adequate. I wouldn't necessary recommend it, but if someone wanted an office coffee that might impress people because of the label and have broad appeal because it's so mundane, this would do it.

2.5 stars

Barrie House Jamaican Me Crazy

I expect this must be an upscale coffee brand in part due to its weight and in part due to the taste/aroma. This is that classic good-coffee smell. Plus it goes down like really rich, smooth coffee with just the right amount of...everything. Even though it is ranked with 6 on the intensity scale - so helpful! - this is my happy medium right here. Seriously, not any fancy-pants flavoring, just excellent coffee that leaves craving more, but not at all disappointed. I could drink this every day, I think, although I might want something sweeter for a dessert coffee. Otherwise, it's just crazy good. Oh and the aroma fill the kitchen to the max.

5 stars

Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend

I was aware of this brand prior to now, but I can't think of from where, so it's familiar and yet...not so much. The coffee came out somewhat redder in hue than most coffees I have sampled. Not off-putting, but noticeable. The aroma was a bit scanty, yet nice enough. I was standing closer to the brewer than normal, so I got the full measure of it. The taste reminds me of my less than pleasant experiences with donut shop blends, but milder and less offensive. It's drinkable, but barely. I hate to think that this is the brand's signature coffee...

1.5 stars

Indulgio Cappuccino, Sweet & Salty Caramel

I really don't like this brand due to their HIGH sugar content and a bad experience I had recently with another flavor. That said, I like the instant coffee-style aroma, even though, yeah, it smells sweeter than anything should but a sugar factory. And yes, it taste super-sweet too, although the more complex caramel flavor helps make this less off-putting, although after a while, maybe three-quarters through the cup, it does get a bit cloying. The saltiness is insufficient to counterbalance this. Plus it's the kind of salty the conjures semen, not anything food-like or normally tasty. Too...biologic. I would  only recommend it as a dessert coffee for someone with an impaired sense of taste/trouble detecting sweetness. Otherwise, smell, but don't drink.

1.5 stars

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