Wednesday, August 19, 2015

K Cup Sampler Reviews I

I ordered the 40-count Coffee & Flavored Coffee Single Serve Cups For Keurig K Cup Brewers Variety Pack Sampler from Amazon and it arrived today! Basically, it's a pretty random selection of K Cups from different companies, in different flavors, etc. I wanted to try different coffees without the *gasp* commitment of buying a ten or twelve pack. Plus, economically, as long as all of these are drinkable, it's nice savings over grocery store prices.

12 for $11.59 vs 40 for $24.90?

About $1 per cup compared to about $.62 per cup.

Plus humans will pay more for novelty, right?

Note: I take my coffee with three Splenda packets and just under 1/4 cup Carbsmart milk. Your mileage will vary.

Okay...first out of the box!

Guy Fieri Hot Fudge Brownie

I enjoyed watching a lot of episodes of Triple-D before becoming single again, so I have a mild positive association with Guy as a cooking/eating guru. Turns out, oh-yeah, this stuff is incredibly good. It actually does taste like a super-heavy chocolate brownie. The flavor has depth and staying power too. Half an hour later, still with me. Maybe not a good thing in some people's books, but potency and staying power are awesome in coffee and chocolaty things. The caffeination level was standard for a K Cup. I would call this one an afternoon or dessert coffee, because most people will find it too yummy to have with their cereal. I will definitely try to get some of his other flavors - Bananas Foster sounds great!

Five stars

EkoCups Hazelnut Coffee

I have never tried this brand before, but I like the idea of organic and fair trade products. For the sake of fairness here too, I have to admit that hazelnut coffee is not a favorite of mine. This particular, K Cup, however, very much exceeded expectations in terms of taste and consistency. It's very mellow, yet rich. I would definitely consider this one as a morning standard coffee. The amount of caffeine is quite decent for what's probably a medium roast. I am open to trying other flavors of this brand or maybe even making this one a regular. I would most highly recommend it to people who are ambivalent about flavored coffees.

Five stars

Crazy Cups Italian Chocolate Cheesecake

Crazy Cups is kind of a hip and popular brand, so maybe I set my expectations a little too high with this one. The lack of aroma, coffee or otherwise, was a clue, but I tried not to let it influence me too much. But, yeah, this one just isn't that good. Slightly sweet, but not flavorful. Nothing like cheesecake or chocolate. Maybe a slightly chemical-tasting? The texture is okay. I drank all of it, so maybe I shouldn't complain so much, but honestly, I doubt I'd go for another. I have other flavors from Crazy Cups in my sampler, but it might be a while on those.

Two stars

Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic

This is a fairly ubiquitous national brand, but I had never had their coffee before. I am not impressed with Dark Magic; however, as someone who favors light to medium roasts and flavored coffees, not surprising. I started the day low on sleep and wanted a more functional (read: high caffeine) brew. This one tastes like give-me-your-cheapest coffeehouse coffee, and the not-terrific aroma sort of reminds me of what my dad used to drink at the local one. Good memories, bad coffee. I have no idea how anyone could drink it more than once, but I imagine plenty of people do. For the record: did not finish it.

One star

Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut

I think we all know my weakness for donuts, but since I have given up my favored binge-food, this Donut House blend might be as close as I get to their wicked goodness. And it is pretty good coffee! Just sweet enough with a hint of glazed taste - not necessarily donut, but the glaze-y-ness is believable. A little low on caffeine-power for me, but then, if you're drinking for taste or want a good dessert accompaniment, how much does the caff matter, right? I wish it had more aroma and a little more flavor, but otherwise, solid choice for a sweet one.

Three stars

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