Saturday, August 29, 2015

K Cup Sampler Reviews VII

And from this point on...coffees I would never have chosen for myself. Worry, worry...

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Brown Gold Brazilian

Smells like burning poop, but tastes pretty much okay for a bolder type of coffee. That first sip will require courage! I want to say it's worth it, but this is really middling dark coffee. Plus it has a heavy residue at the bottom of the mug, which may say quality to some, but just say yuck to me. I am not a fan of this one, although I will admit that for a bolder coffee, the flavor is not gas station-coffee, just deeper, darker regular coffee.

1.5 stars

Crazy Cups Coffee, Jamaican Me Crazy

This is the coffee that smells like happiness, warm beaches, and irresponsibility. Yes, coffee can smell like that. Nice aroma! The flavor is very good, but I've had slightly better coffee by the same name. The caffeine is enough to immediately quash a caffeine withdrawal headache, but not too much. Just right for a late morning or afternoon. Smooth texture. Not overly sweet. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy this one, but a cup of it every so often would be nice, not as a treat, but for the uplifting experience of drinking something that conjures the Caribbean.

4 stars

Diedrich Coffee French Roast Blend

I don't know the brand at all, but it was the only one of its kind in the sampler. I don't care for the strong aroma of French roast, or at least not this one, but the taste is okay. I don't hate it, although it is super bitter coffee-yo. This one is just another dark roast to me. I don't think I would ever drink it regularly, but there are plenty of people who probably would.

2.5 stars

Tim Hortons Original Blend

I have never eaten at the restaurant, so I don't think I can speak to the authenticity of the K Cup vs the restaurant's actual coffee, but it is better than I expected, given that I don't care for restaurant coffee in general. The coffee has a very nice color and a mild aroma. The flavor is that of good instant coffee with a hint of nuttiness. The label doesn't say so, but I would call this a light roast. Not at all bitter. Pleasant and enjoyable, but for some, it might be considered weak. I can definitely see how a cup of this would be great accompaniment to breakfast or another meal.

4 stars

Polka Dot Cafe Donut Shop

The K Cup for this one is very pretty, not that it matters much. I have had limited luck with donut shop blends in general. This one's much milder and smoother than the others I have had. Not too much aroma, and what aroma it has is deceptively bitter. I'm not in love with it or anything, but I wouldn't mind having it occasional as something different or as a stand-by coffee for when sweet or flavored varieties would do. An afternoon coffee...maybe.

3.5 stars

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