Friday, August 21, 2015

K Cup Sampler Reviews II

I have decided to split these up, since I'll be reviewing 40 different K Cups.

Part I is here for future reference. I accidentally deleted it, but it should be fine now.

For info, my usual morning coffee is Cameron's Chocolate Caramel Brownie, which I love for it's sweetness, aroma, texture, and no plastic aftertaste! I bought the cups locally, but one seems to be carrying them.

Rio Grande Vanilla Hazelnut

I have several of this brand in the box, which makes me unhappy, because this one just wasn't good. I think they shorted me on actual coffee in the K Cup. It was weak! Very weak! Plus the flavor? I tasted maybe 30% coffee, 70% hazelnut, and 0% vanilla. What gives? Not a complex flavor at all, and we know I'm not a huge fan of hazelnut coffee in general. This confirms my worst impressions of that flavor. Bleh! Smelled better than it tasted. Not much caffeine power in it either, even for a medium roast.

2 stars

Cafe Indulgencia Horchata Cappuccino

This one breaks the holy writ on If you can't find it on Amazon, it must not be real. I couldn't find it for sale there for a link-back. Strange stuff indeed!! Okay, so this is one of those dicey all-in-one coffee drinks that I normally won't trust because I believe it contains added sugar and carbs. I'm taking one for the team here just drinking the thing. Got that? The color was perfect; exactly like I normally take my coffee. Plus it even foamed a little, although I don't want to ponder the chemical soup that caused that effect. Nice aroma, although not very strong. The cinnamon smelled like real, not artificial cinnamon. The taste was advertised as cinnamon and vanilla (and after my earlier cup I felt owed vanilla), and this one tasted more like a caramel-vanilla combo. Not a complaint! It was a very good taste. Complex, sweet, rich. Yummy. I wouldn't be willing to drink a cappuccino everyday, but as an occasional, treat this one would be nice.

4 stars

Wolfgang Puck Breakfast in Bed

I have enjoyed many of his other products over the years, especially the organic soups. Breakfast in Bed sounded like a great coffee to start a very leisurely Saturday morning with. I was let down that it had zero aroma. The taste, sadly, wasn't what I was hoping for either. It's breakfast in bed if you suddenly woke up at your desk at work. Decent texture and not bad coffee, but didn't meet expectations either. I think coffee drinkers who object strongly to flavored coffee, but still like a medium roast would enjoy it well enough. Plus I wouldn't necessarily turn it down at 3PM after a long meeting.

2 stars

Victor Allen Donut Shop Blend

I don't know the brand, but a little research tells me that it's an older brand under a parent company whose coffees I haven't enjoyed so far. Yes, I tasted it before learning that. The aroma was nonexistent, except for when drinking it, then it smelled like burning. The taste is very basic, plain black coffee with whatever additives you choose - for me that's CarbSmart milk and splenda. Maybe I'm thinking the wrong thing when I hear the words donut shop. Maybe they're just known for icky-ass coffee. I've never had coffee from one, so keep that in mind. Anyway, tastes darker than advertised to me. I did, however, drink all of it.

2 stars

Barnie's Coffee Kitchen Santa's White Christmas

Again, an unfamiliar brand, but I have to say that the packaging is quite cute. The aroma filled maybe half the kitchen, which is a big improvement over some of the previous choices. The coffee looked weak in the cup (before the creamer I added), but the taste is a solid medium roast coffee with undefinable hints of flavor. Seriously, it tastes good, but not terrific, and yet it doesn't scream any particular flavor. Maybe white chocolate? Maybe vanilla? I would drink this as an everyday mid-morning coffee or maybe dessert coffee on a day when I felt too guilty to enjoy an uber-flavored cuppa. I wouldn't mind trying additional flavors of this one.

3 stars

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