Thursday, August 27, 2015

K Cup Sampler Reviews VI

I hate to admit it...but I ordered another sampler. This time with an awesome coupon from the source (SPECIAL20). Worth it! Especially since I picked my own cups and still saved over grocery store prices. Ha-ha!!

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Twin Ridge Roasters French Vanilla

I am accustomed to many things called French vanilla being overly artificial in taste. This one was hardly real tasting, but it didn't have that note of petroleum byproduct to its soft and sweet flavor. It was quite pleasing, although not perfect. Some aroma, for a medium roast, but not enough to fill the kitchen by half. I thought the texture was creamy and smooth - nice. I sip my coffee, but this cup was done before it had even fully cooled. That's unusual for me. Overall, I really liked it, especially for a dessert or instead-of-dessert coffee, although it may not fully satisfy all sweet-tooths. Mine was sated well enough.

4 stars

Martinson Coffee Breakfast Blend

This one is labeled as a light blend and a breakfast blend, which I thought had a certain appeal since I'm not really a dark roast person. The aroma is that harsh, gas station coffee smell, but the taste is more of a warm, medium roast with a hint of bitterness that fades nicely. The texture is smooth and pleasant. I would consider this one a good wake-up alternative for people who don't like flavored coffees early in the day. The quality seems good, plus it's at the stronger end of light coffee. I don't think I'll be drinking it often, because of my preference for flavored or t least sweeter brews.

3.5 stars

Barrie House French Roast

I am still impressed by the sheer weight of their K Cups compared to other brands. They do not skimp on the goods! Their intensity scale seems fairly accurate, weighing this one in at a 9, which is very, very true to its dark intensity. It is my first cup of French roast ever. I never had a good reason to drink anything so robust. The flavor is not what I like in a coffee by any means, but it is interesting for a dark roast newbie in a wham-bam, thank you, officer way. I am not going to drink this ever again, but it did earn my respect. Recommended for the-darker, the-better type coffee drinkers, especially those switching from standard brewer to K Cups.

2.5 stars

Green Mountain Coffee Vermont Country Blend

I was examining the pod more closely as I waited for the Keurig to heat up and was pleased to see this brand also does the whole fair-trade thing too. Nice to know. This blend has very little aroma (and I hate that almost 90% of my reviews say that, but my usual morning choice had so much that it wafted outside the apartment and into the front yard!) So, yes, coffee aroma, important to me. Anyway, the texture is wondrously smooth. The flavor is mild, but pleasing. It would make a good base for experimenting with additives or adding a scoop of ice cream or whip topping or maybe a SToK Caffeinated Black Coffee Shot to amp the caffeine without over-bittering the coffee. No trace of bitterness in the blend, just...mild coffee flavor and creamy texture. Yum.

4 stars


The aroma whilst brewing smells like walking into a Starbucks and lingering by the stuff-that-you-add counter. Heavenly. Tastes a little like shoe and cardboard. Not pleased! Total fake out. Not a pleasing flavor by any standard I can imagine. Watery, unpleasant, thin. Not vanilla! I don't know what that is, but I know I don't like it. Gah! Gah!

1 star

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