Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tom Hanks...diabetic?

I wish I had actually seen the Letterman interview instead of just reading about it, but I only catch the late night shows once or twice a month and who knew, right?

He handled it really cool, from what I've read, especially since he really doesn't fit the stereotype (I'm looking at you Meatloaf and Paula Deen) for Type II diabetics. Hanks is getting older, which is a factor, but it isn't as though his weight draws attention. He has one of those faces: ordinary-handsome, not cinema star - that doesn't really betray body issues the way some more stunning lookers' might (Alec Baldwin, for example).

Anyway, one thing he said made me feel really good, and this was from another interview, I think: "Type 1 diabetes is very bad. Type 2 diabetes is controllable".

I'm Type I (for 28 years now...woot!) and most of the time, I tell Type IIs the opposite - they have it bad; worse comes to worst, I can just inject more insulin. Quick fix. What can they do? Okay...I don't say it like that. I say it nice. But still...for a Type II with very high BSL to feel better, they need an IV, medication, and some time. I need 3 to 5 units of Novolog. They might need hospitalization. Yikes!

So, yeah, I kind of feel good that Hanks recognized us skin-poppers, and right back at him!

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