Friday, October 4, 2013

Interesting travel news

According to a random Yahoo! New article found here, these are the Top Ten cities in the world (presumably from a tourist standpoint):

1. London
2. Sydney
3. Paris
4. New York
5. Rome
6. Washington D.C.
7. Los Angeles
8. Toronto
9. Vienna
10. Melbourne

I bolded the ones I've visited, because, you know, blogs are always supposed to be self-referential and all that. When I was younger, I got out of the house more, clearly.
This is from Rome. Audrey Hepburn
once touched it.

Seriously, Vienna beats DC any day of the week. I haven't been since my twenty-fourth birthday, but I loved Wien. Toronto was kind of awful. Rome does not need me to defend it. Taking my partner there is on my Bucket List.

This is Prague with typical weather.

Prague needs to work its way up there too. And Munich. Sigh...someday, I'll win the lottery and travel...everywhere in the civilized world...and post pictures of the grand adventure of it all.

In the mean time...pic-spam.

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