Thursday, August 29, 2013

Government okays laziness and gluttony

That's right. I am a little pissed about the government getting a little too useless to bother saying-no to drugs these days. State's rights are an iffy proposition to begin with. I believe we fought a war on the subject and yes, the state's rights side lost. I know. My ancestors were there.

So marijuana. Not a good idea.

Here's my take. In graduate school, I had this psycho professor who was my adviser, my thesis adviser, and my employer. Call this the dark trifecta, if you will. Anyway, he did A MEGA TON of Mary Jane. It made him super-forgetful. Like he would tell me to do things, job and school-related, and completely and utterly forget later after I had worked pretty hard to get these things done. I could never tell when he was so high that I should blow-off the requests, so I got pretty bad burnout from the experience of sometimes trying to do the impossible and then coming back, exhausted, but successful, to confusion, derision, and...well, annoyance from him.

I started hating users then. I hate them now.

If he had kept it together, I probably would have had a very different life than the one I have now. That life might include a lot more scholarship, travel, and personal satisfaction. It might include better salary and benefits. It might include a lot of things that he destroyed for me because he just couldn't keep it together while using.

He's probably destroyed other people's lives since then. Because he has tenure, I seriously doubt he destroyed his own, no matter how bad he got. I don't know.

I've always hoped he would get caught by Virginia's finest with more than an ounce or whatever and jailed. I makes me feel better. This could still happen, for sure, but I doubt he would serve any real time without the feds being pro-useful citizen too. I doubt it would make any impact unless he did serious time where he had to bargain for favors and...well, I think we know what I'm looking for here.

So, yeah, I'm major league disappointed with my president right now. I might vote for the other guys next time, if they can make me believe they'll fix this.

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