Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Celebrity victim blaming

I don't actually follow the lives of any celebrities. I got that fetish out of my system as a dorkish teenager and adolescent who wrote letters to favorite actors and musicians - for the record, the most gracious and cool was Lou Gramm of Foreigner, who wrote me a letter I still have tucked away somewhere.

Anyway, even though I'm not into celebrity culture or even normal Facebook-style interest in popular culture, I still live in America, so I still know that Michael Douglas says his wife's pussy gave him throat cancer. True or not, really?? This is something a guy wants to put out there about his hot, much younger wife? Because...I'm seeing this as a terrible idea. And judging by the news today - they're splitting up, apparently - I'm not entirely wrong here.

But that's not my point here. If she has HPV, then she's at risk for cancer too, and therefore, it's kind of ugly to hang her out there for oh-so-public ridicule, isn't it? Some guy infected her (we assume, although HPV is much more lively than HIV and easily spread without very much intimate contact). She infected her husband. He humiliates her. The other guy...he's oblivious, although possibly suffering from genital warts. It's a sad day when 'genital warts' is considered winning.

She's young. With proper and consistent medical care, she'll probably be fine and maybe meet someone less keen on airing other people's knickers in the international press. I'm thinking he should be looking for a nice long-term care facility.

And they were, seriously, such a nice looking couple.

I know his wife's name, but I haven't mentioned it here because even though I'm just an idiot blogger, I don't want to contribute, anymore than necessary, to the ugly press she is receiving. It's principle. More or less.

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