Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Twas the night before Thanksgiving

I'll be venting here, thanks.

I am essentially trapped in my office space right now, after a full day at work (understaffed), unable to change clothes, have some dinner, play with my dog, or do anything but type and listen to music on my phone via a pair of ghetto ear-buds. That's right, ear-buds I dug out of my bookshelf. Who knows where they actually came from?


My partner, despite being repulsed by the idea of befriending any of the regular folks I've introduced him to, has taken up with a mentally addled moron who lives in our neighborhood. Have I ever mentioned how much I loathe these people? Well...I'll fill you in some other time, but let's just say, not my peeps here, except for one older lady whom I know from work.

The moron is downstairs drinking beer and speaking unintelligibly to my partner and dog. She is only just tolerating him and may snap at any moment. If not for the legal complications, I'd welcome that. Maybe dipshit wouldn't come back. So...angry right now.

I'm trying to listen to happy upbeat music to keep myself from having a freaking aneurysm here. Arghhh...

BTW...Boney M's By the Rivers of Babylon is still hilarious, twelve - thirteen years after my German teacher first played it for the class, but even Boney M cannot fix this. I used it in grad school to drown out the sounds of sex from upstairs. Big place in my heart.

I put in a full day! That guy's a moron! Can no one see the farking injustice here???

I want to take off my shoes and my itchy sweater!

I think I'm running out of high-speed data too.

My partner will be joining me on a walk for this one, for sure. -_-

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