Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I meant to update sooner

This is going to be a kluge update of pretty much everything that I feel needs updating:


They refunded my payment, cheerfully, and genuinely wanted to know why their weight loss app didn't work for me. I haven't responded yet - too busy - but I appreciate that they reached out. That was very good customer service.

Library Annie

I couldn't get the site I use to make the comic to work. I'll try it again next time I have a minute.


I'm still waiting to hear back from Nat Geo Books Most Devoted Dog Contest. No idea what's up with that. I'm almost positive that Gracie won (thank you all!), but ... nothing from them yet, and the Facebook app went away. Am I right to be concerned? Hmm...


Almost over. So glad. I can't wait to do feedback for this course.


I love the holidays. My partner hates every holiday but Veteran's Day. More will be forthcoming there.


It may snow on Thanksgiving in Georgia. Really.

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