Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Gracie

This really squidgy pic is of Gracie with her new toy.
My puppy turned two years old today, according to her AKC papers. Technically, she's an adult dog, but she's still so funny and puppy-ish. When I got her, she was a bit larger than a football and cried all the time. Now, she's the size of a small wolf and only cries in the car.

For her birthday, Gracie got the following:

  • A stuffed doggy from Goodwill (pictured)
  • Salmon flavored treats
  • A long visit to the dog park
  • The middle spot on the couch
I think she did okay, all things considered. Partner also gave her extra food at dinner time, which she does not really need because of her alarming weight gain, but I'm not saying anything. I just don't have it in me right now. She has some cantaloupe in the fridge that we forgot about. I think it will keep until tomorrow or so.

As I've said, Gracie is my first dog. Every milestone is completely new to me and I love them. She is the best dog.

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